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Basic Package

Logo Design + Vector file (.Ai) + Printable file

 7 Days Delivery

1 Revision

Comapar Package
Printable file
Vector File (.AI)
Source File
Business Card
Logo Guideline
Transparent Logo Images
Stationery designs
3D mockup
Source files
Social media kit
7 Days
12 Days
19 Days
  • What do I need to get started?
    You need to fill out a Logo Design Order Form where we ask some questions about your brand, such as the name of your brand, business, or services, and your target audience. After that, I will get back to you via email to confirm your order. Following a brief discussion, I will send you an invoice so that you can proceed with placing your order.
  • What is Logo Styles ?
  • What is Source File ?
    a source file refers to the original file that contains the editable and layered information of a design. These are some file types which we'll provide as a source files - .eps, .pdf, .Ai, .jpeg or .png (both transparent and normal), also the font files.
  • What is Vector file ?
    Vector file is the original file (.ai ) in which logos are designed by which you can edit/resize the logo to any desirable size without quality loss or pixilation.
  • What is a revision?
    A revision is a modification of the submitted design and refers to the font, color, the arrangement of elements etc. The revision does not mean a brand new design.
  • What is 3D mockup?
    A 3D mockup is a visual representation of your incredible logo, and trust me, you're going to adore it!
  • What is Logo Guidelines and What includes in it ?
    Logo guidelines are rules for using a company's logo consistently. They include instructions on logo usage, color palette, typography, clear space, and examples of correct/incorrect usage. They ensure a cohesive brand image across various platforms.
  • I can't find what I need in the packages. Can I have a custom pack?
    Yes! Please share your requirements with me, and I'll create a customized quote just for you.
  • May I have all the copyrights of the logo design at the end?
    I am a creative designer. I designed all the logos from the visualizations. You are able to use it anywhere without the problem of copyrights. You'll be the owner of the logo design at the end. I just don't provide any certificates for it.
  • What is transparent logo file?
    A transparent logo is a logo in PNG format. They are easy to recognize as the background of the image is invisible unlike other formats like JPEG. Simply way transparent logo means a logo with a transparent background (a.k.a. no background at all). So, You are able to use at anywhere.
  • What is Stationery Designs and Social Media Kit?
    Stationery designs are a collection of business card, envelope design and letterhead designs. The social media kit is Covers for different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. It's offered in the Premium Package.
  • What if I'm not satisfied with the initial design concepts?
    Depending on your package, you have multiple revisions. Just provide us feedback and we'll adjust the designs accordingly.
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